What to Consider When Finding A Reliable Roofing Company In Pittsburgh

Roof replacement is one of the largest investments you will make for your home, so it is wise to conduct proper due diligence on any company you may consider hiring in order to ensure they are reliable.

To start with, you should always read reviews online and seek references from previous customers before hiring roofers with significantly varying price quotes. Be wary of roofers offering too many different solutions at different costs and read the following information before making your final decision.


Experience is a good measure of a contractor's performance on the job; hire one with plenty of it so they are capable of handling any problems that may arise during roof installation.

An effective way of gauging a company's level of experience is by gathering references from past clients. This will give an indication of their craftsmanship and whether their clients were happy with the results; for optimal results, seek references that have had work completed within one to three years so any issues have had time to surface.

As another means of evaluating roofer experience, licensing and insurance checks should also be performed on them. Many states mandate licensing requirements for roofing contractors; all roofing companies should possess Workman's Compensation and General Liability coverage to protect any damage that might arise while performing their service.

Roofers face an increased risk of injury in their work due to both physical and self-discipline demands, especially if working on steep slopes or in tight spaces. Therefore, it's essential to recruit workers who possess strong work ethics as well as willingness to learn because it will most definitely be a long, arduous job and you want the best work done, possible.


A licensed roofer is defined as any individual who has passed a state exam and been issued insurance, along with being bonded - providing customers with additional protection from dishonest contractors or fraud. Many states maintain free registries like this to track roofing businesses to make sure that they carry sufficient coverage; these databases also help consumers find reliable roofing companies.

A reliable roofing company should have both workers' compensation and general liability insurance, along with providing an accurate written estimate without hidden fees or surprise expenses. They should also show examples of their previous work so you can judge its quality as well as see if they're right for your project.

Some states mandate roofing contractors hold both state and county licenses in order to operate legally, which can be an intimidating hurdle when trying to find one. To determine exactly what requirements exist in your local building department and find out exactly who meets them.

Many states impose different licensing requirements for roofing contractors, from education and training requirements to experience requirements before taking the state examination. Additional requirements for state licensure may also include proof of liability/workers compensation insurance as well as professional liability coverage.

Though permits may not be mandatory in many states for roofing work to take place, it's wise for roofers or those getting work to secure them by getting one anyway. Having such permits provides a paper trail which could prove valuable should a future homeowner want more details regarding construction history on said property.


Many states require roofers to possess certain levels of insurance in order to get their license, which also shows potential customers that you take your work seriously and are dedicated to protecting them. According to this link, coverage typically includes expenses related to property damage, accidents, third-party bodily injury claims as well as medical bills and legal fees in case something goes wrong during a job - insurance can help defray these costs while keeping your company running smoothly.

The company may have purchased a Business Owners Policy (BOP), which can save a roofing business on insurance costs by providing comprehensive protection, including general liability, commercial property and loss of income/business interruption coverage’s in one convenient package. These types of policies are great for clients as they typically cover everything you need during your case.

Loss income/business interruption coverage provides invaluable compensation if natural disasters, fire or theft disrupt their operation and force them to close shop temporarily - but you’ll be just as covered as a client. Check what insurance the company you’re interested in is offering before making any decisions.


Reputation of roofing companies should be one of your primary considerations when hiring one for your home (source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-hire-professional-roofing-contractor-mark-taylor-j9cpf?trk=article-ssr-frontend-pulse_more-articles_related-content-card). A better reputation increases the odds that they'll provide quality service and products; several factors can determine this such as time in business, insurance coverage and presence in local communities.

Many companies pay to have positive reviews put online, especially companies that need to bury a considerable amount of bad reviews. However, you can do your research and tell pretty easily which of these reviews are fake or not, especially once you know what you’re looking for.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family who have used a roofing company in the past can also provide an excellent way to gauge a company's work quality and customer service. Not only that, but online reviews from previous customers of the Pittsburgh roofing company who can offer insight. You can also read testimonials posted by previous customers online to gauge how others perceive your chosen provider.

Be wary of companies with unsavory practices when seeking to repair or replace your roof. A good roofing company will always be up-front about their work, costs and guarantees; providing an itemized receipt of materials and labor expenses as well as being available to answer questions and address concerns during the project.

As you conduct your research on roofing companies, it is crucial that you pay careful attention to every aspect. Be sure to obtain references, contact details and licensing/insurance coverage information for potential contractors before hiring one. A legitimate roofing firm should have physical location as well as valid contact details that can easily be located online; additionally it may be worthwhile checking their website/social media pages for reviews/testimonials of past work done for other customers.