Single family residence, Hawaii, USA

 The single family residence in Hawaii (USA) includes  main living space, media room, common areas and master suite. Focal and organizational feature is the exterior gallery corridor along a central axis.

Architecture: Belzberg Architects

Low energy luxury villa, Mallorca, Spain

In this luxury villa project in Mallorca (Spain) have been used such low energy, sustainable and innovative technologies as geothermal, passive cooling, photovoltaic, daylighting, super-insulated and solar water heating.

Architecture: tecDesign, Sebastian Knorr

Treehouse home on the slope, Seattle, USA (+plans)

The treehouse residence built on an inaccessible slope lot. This resource efficient and cost effective building designed to minimize long term site impact and use light and view to accentuate the experience of living in the treehouse.

Architecture: SHED

Artist studios, Newfoundland, Canada

The artist studios situated on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada. The houses recycle their own waste and produce their own power and 100% off-the-grid.

Architectors: Saunders Architecture
Photos: Bent Rene´Synnev├ąg

Modern highland house, Pyrenees, Spain

This modern highland house in Pyrenees (Spain) stands out among the surrounding mountain scenery and a few buildings in the neighborhood. Location on the slope combines privacy, the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views and breathe the fresh mountain air.

Architecture: Cadaval & Sola-Morales

Rustic natural stone Swiss house, Alps, Switzerland

The rustic natural stone Swiss house situated in rural mountain area of Switzerland, was designed to combine comfort and work on paintings of owner-artist.

Architecture: Lawrence Savioz
Photos: Thomas Jantscher

Large single-family house design (+floor plans)

Contemporary design of this large single-family house creates an atmosphere of openness and support a visual link with the surrounding landscape through extensive glazing.

Architecture: Architrend Architecture
Photos: Umberto Agnello

Unusual house with underground rooms, Leiria, Portugal

The house consists of social area and private area, which include living rooms and bedrooms, respectively. The private patios are used to communicate underground rooms with the environment.

Architecture: Manuel Aires Mateus
Photos: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra