Steep Slope House Design, Canada

Beautiful home in Whistler

In the Khyber Ridge House, 2005, NMinusOne created a dynamic environment to give a sense of motion and activity to a static construction. “It’s not the way a space looks but the way you experience space,” said Marcopoulos. The steep slope house design has a flat roof system that looks like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water—only it performs much better—and allows the snow to be the insulation in winter.

Drawings / Floor Plans
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Architecture: Studio (n-1) (Studio NminusOne)
Contractor: Michael McGillion
Consultants: Yu Strandberg Engineering + local engineer C.A. Boom Engineering Ltd.
Project: Khyber Ridge house
Client: Marc Morisset
Location: Whistler, BC, Canada
Year: 2005
Photography: Ari Marcopoulos, Frank Jones

Five levels steep slope house design (Canada) is distributed along a steep mountain slope, developing diverse relations to the surrounding views, the landscape and the internal program or functions of the house.

The Khyber Ridge - steep slope house was built for a professional snowboarder. The main strategy takes its concept from the close engagement of a shredder surface following the inclined line of a mountain slope; it is one of maximum design engagement with the building site. This unusual house is distributed along a steep mountain slope, developing various tactical relations to the surrounding landscape, the views and the functions of interior space or program of the architecture of the house.

The lower level of five levels, contains a guest house with embedded in the rock design for maximum privacy. The green roof blends in with the mountain landscape. In contrast the main living space is designed with a cantilevering roof and a suspended floor projecting out of the mountain slope. The cantilever is securely anchored by four steel beams 3 foot deep drilled directly into the rock body; the floor is suspended by four stainless steel rods, 1 inch diameter. With its glass enclosure design, the effect created is of a freely floating open platform, revealing when occupied the full impact of the surrounding mountains. One is literally suspended in space and surrounded by the foliage of trees. The upper level bedrooms retreat back along the contours of the mountain producing discreet relationships to the surrounding views. As the inhabitants navigate these spaces, they continuously weave in and out of the terrain.

In the winter, the surface of flat roof of the living level retains the snow. A thick layer of snow then acts as an additional insulating blanket and helps to keep the temperature on the roof close to 0 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the flat surface of the roof becomes a necessary space for outdoor living, leaving the rest of the nearest sloped land intact.

Drawings / Floor Plans


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Studio NMinusOne Architects /
Founded in San Francisco by Carol Moukheiber and Christos Marcopoulos, Studio (n-1) Architects works — with playful attention — on projects traversing different scales from urban design and architecture, and building assemblies to domestic objects, manuals, and clothing. The built and conceptual projects, along with the physical prototypes have served as experiments for a flirtatious architecture that plays an active/subjective role — where all matter is recognized as vital, dynamic and expressive in shaping the perceptual experience of the inhabitant. Harnessing the intimacy of the domestic scale, the work has focused on the home as an immersive environment — one capable of generating new sensations through the enhancement or recalibration of its infrastructure, or set of programs. Explicit are the physiological interactions of the body, through material and informational processes. With the incorporation of computational power into building matter, the animation of architecture is motivated further by issues of physical, psychological, and environmental wellness and delight. The firm’s work has been acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and has been published widely in academic and mainstream media including The New York Times Magazine, Praxis Journal of Architecture and Domus. The studio is the recipient of the Architectural League of New York, Emerging Voices 2012 award.

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Yu Strandberg Engineering is now Strandberg Engineering.

Strandberg Engineering specializes in the structural design of residential and commercial structures, including slope house design. We are experienced in the design and analysis of concrete, steel, and timber-framed structures. Currently, Strandberg Engineering is engaged in projects that range from high-end single-family residential on a steep hillside to large commercial structures. We take pride in the quality of our collaboration with architects and contractors to produce elegant, cost-effective, and safe structures. We have a strong commitment to the integrity of our work with a major focus on strength, serviceability performance, and seismic design.

We provide complete structural engineering services that incorporate schematic design, design development, construction document preparation, and construction administration. In addition, we also offer feasibility studies, value engineering, and constructability reviews. Our innovative ideas and input—from schematic design through construction—have led to the success of our projects starting with a beautiful house on mountain slope and the success of the company as a whole.

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Steep Slope House Design, Canada