Luxury house with stunning view in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles

In this luxury house with stunning view in Hollywood Hills there are three contamporary bedrooms and four lavish bathrooms all following the elegant theme of using the highest quality stone, glass and steel, but the real charmer is the relaxing and amazing living room looking across Los Angeles. Also, the house has a spa and spectacular infinity pool offering mind-blowing views of the LA, floating stairs, disappearing walls of glass, state of the art lighting and cantilevered terraces.

Industrial architecture. Google data centers buildings.

Google data centers buildings are the excellent examples of contemporary industrial architecture, combining functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. These buildings designed to minimize the environmental impact and have 50% less energy consumption than typical data centers. The main purpose of these modern data centers is to ensure secure functioning of such popular services like web search, Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Drive and other Google products.

Photography: Connie Zhou

Contemporary house near vineyard, Stuttgart, Germany

This 6,650 square foot contemporary house near vineyard offers beautiful views over the stepped terraces of a hillside vineyard in Stuttgart, Germany. Inside and out, this contemporary house is characterized by interesting turns and curves, and so is the functional structure, organization of the views and indoor circulation of the house. Set of diagonal movements determines the direction of each curve.

A glazed double-height corner is the dining area, which opens up to picturesque views and frames the stepped vineyard hill which composes the backdrop to the home.

Architecture: UNStudio

Fujian Tulou Ancient Houses in China


In 2008 UNESCO recognized the old houses ethnic Hakka in China as an official World Heritage, noting the historical, cultural and architectural value of these amazing structures. Built in the period from the 12th to the 20th century, each of these buildings can accommodate up to 800 people, forming a city within a city. In Fujian, a large part of the coast of China, is located about 20,000 of these buildings.

Also called Fujian Tulou, old houses are an important part of the history of this land, these structures protected local people against attacks of robbers. Typical Fujian Tulou ancient house has three to five storeys, surrounded by thick earthen wall - thickness of up to 1.8 meters in most buildings. The only entrance was protected by a wooden door and 10 cm thick iron gates. At the roof level were arranged loopholes to repel enemy attacks. Aesthetically these old houses capture the spirit and beauty of the rural areas of China.