Beautiful luxury home, Malibu

Beautiful and Luxury Malibu Home

This beautiful luxury home in Malibu spells out pleasant atmosphere and comfort. Integrated in a picturesque landscape, several steps away from Malibu beach, the home has 4 bedrooms and 6.000 square feet living area. The exterior of this beautiful home is particularly interesting with its natural stone finish, balconies and terraces. Most of the windows face a large pool with comfortable patio furniture. Owners and guests can enjoy magnificence views of the ocean while taking a swim or resting by the pool.

Beautiful modern home in San Francisco Bay Area, California

In this beautiful modern home in San Francisco Bay Area, California there are 4 bedrooms and 5 and a half bathrooms. Inside, the luxury home shelters a collection of rooms: kitchen, dining and living, fitness room, steam room, sun room, guest suite and library. Decks and terraces, as well as perfectly designed interior spaces capture beautiful bay views at day and lights of Sausalito at night time, impressing guests and owners with a breathtaking scene composed of city’s skyline, stretches of water and green hills.

2-story 10,000 sqft Black Home Design, Ontario, Canada

About Guido Costantino

DesignGuido Costantino
Project44 Belvedere
Area10,000 square foot
LocationSouth West Oakville, Halton Region, Lake Ontario, Southern Ontario, Canada
PhotographyPeter Sellar

A 2-storey modern home in Ontario, Canada, is composed of a monochromatic palate of concrete, stucco, anodized siding, brick and a mix of transparent and opaque glass. The street face limits views into the home, providing privacy through the use of an interior large concrete wall and a frosted glass. In contrast, the rear exterior allows light to flood the inner space and provides expansive views.

This 2-storey modern home in Ontario, Canada, shows masterful consideration of fenestration design in a modern context. The layout of the windows and their internal divisions are well-ordered and clearly play a central role in the design composition, the large window expanses balancing nicely against the smaller windows of the more private areas of the home.