Inside Footballer House, Brazil - Spectacular Interiors and Decor

About Aquiles Nícolas Kilaris

Architecture: Aquiles Nícolas Kilaris and Iara Kilaris

Spectaclar interiors and decor in beautiful house of Gil football player of the Brazilian team!

Top 7 New Trends in Decoration and Architecture for 2018

Every beginning of the year is tradition to talk about the main trends that will rock during it all.

However, this year we intend to do differently and instead of talking everything that is going to be trend and often repeat items from previous lists, since many things will still remain, we decided to make a top 7 of decoration and architecture of what will really be new (and is not on the previous lists) in the year of 2018!

White Home Facade with Concrete, Wood and Glass Details by Farinazzo Architecture

About Farinazzo Architecture

Project Residência MS
Design Farinazzo Architecture
Area 475 sqm
Year 2012

With 475 sqm of area this house designed in 2012 includes a mix of materials: wood, concrete and glass.

The timeless combination brings lightness through the glass while at the same time conferring robustness due to the cement plates (Castelatto) and warmth through the wood.

In addition, the combination helps to value the design volumetry, especially in the sunroom / main entrance.

Description from architect:

In sensational ways this house represents the freedom of the architect's trait. It is visually delineated by the marquise that is interrupted by the volumetry at the entrance, by the glass panels of double right foot of the social being, and in the sides, soon to return and to complete symmetrically the drawing in the balcony of the internal facade. Expressive blocks in cement coating cut the white creating the feeling of robustness. Wood predominates sensibly, rescuing regional values. A lot of glass and PVC frames in the openings harmonize with the design, allow the natural light between and provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Rectangular and circular cutouts are highlighted on the facade.

Standard Lot Size Two Story Beautiful Home Design, Brazil

Project by Achilles Nicolas Kilaris and Iara Kilaris.

Architect contact

Most of the land in Brazil has a standard measure of 10x30 m and 12x30 m.

Which leads many people to think that it is small land to build a big house!

However, through a well-crafted architectural design that includes mainly two floors or more, having a large house on a land with standard footage is entirely possible.

And as an example of this, today I brought you to share with you this beautiful house designed by the architect Achilles Nícolas Kilaris with interior decoration executed by the designer Iara Kilaris (everything is mara - get ready)!

Designed on a 12x30 lot, this house with a contemporary façade and curved lines has 3 floors designed with the purpose of better utilizing the natural unevenness of the land (which reduces the total cost of the project) and to meet the number of spaces requested by the client which includes: garage, 3 rooms (living, dining, tv), toilet, office, kitchen, laundry area, large leisure area with pool and 4 bedrooms!

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