Inside Footballer House, Brazil - Spectacular Interiors and Decor

Project: Aquiles Nícolas Kilaris and Iara Kilaris

Spectaclar interiors and decor in beautiful house of Gil football player of the Brazilian team!

Inside Footballer House, Brazil - Spectaclar Interiors and Decor

Starting with the first ambiance of the house the living room which was all lined with Italian carrara marble on the floor and wall with an exotic translucent Iranian stone that gained even more highlight through the backlighting!

The circular layout created with all round furniture (especially the sofas that are super trend) also draws attention.

The curved staircase was lined with the same carrara marble as in floor of the living room and with lighting on the steps.

As the player usually receives many guests a chat room, interior has been created with all white and 3D walls covered with Castelatto's Origami and wall with checkered and bisouched mirrors that camouflage a door.

The dining room with table for 12 chairs was also decorated with an ornamental stone backlit - the onyx on the buffet.

The home is simply huge and fits almost 4 football teams (40 people)!

The TV panel was all decorated with upholstered plaques which in addition to the aesthetic effect helps in the acoustics of the environment with an entire supporting furniture of emperor brown marble.

The space also has a screen and is all automated, just like the other environments of the house.

View from the living room above the mezzanine which is all decorated with team shirts that the player has already played.

In the player's office, moments of the career, a marvel marble corner table, a mirrored wall and an egg-shaped armchair specially customized with logo (G4) decorate the environment!

In the son's bedroom a real football stadium was created with synthetic grass rug and 3D photo panel that gives the feel as well as the illumination of being in a field.

The bed and study table with totally different design are another show apart.

Daughter's bedroom also has its charm, in fact, it was all inspired by an enchanted castle of fairy tales.

We are in the master suite, that was technologically and luxuriously decorated with wallpaper with drawings that refer to Dubai, gold lamps inside, mattress with massage levels triggered by a remote control and sound and video systems, including a huge screen that can be used up from the bedroom balcony!

In the player's closet there was used bronze reflective glass doors.

The bathroom of the suite is huge and received marble nero marquina details on the counter, wall and floor; spa with chromotherapy for 6 people and shower with several functions, including sauna.

On the balcony the highlight is the tempered glass roof and the vertical garden that gave a whole space differential.

The gourmet space is huge (just like everything else in the house, right?!) accommodates indoors brewery, wine cellar, fridge and is all backlit onyx!

Game space with personalized tables with the logo and colors that the player most likes: red lacquered black.

Gazebo area, mini soccer field and playground:

Organically shaped pool space with automatic lighting system that changes color according to the music played.

Architect contact

Address Avenida São Jerônimo, 791 - Bela Vista, Americana, SP, Brazil

Phones +55 19 3462.3674
+55 19 97407.7294
+55 19 3406.7173



Inside Footballer House, Brazil - Spectaclar Interiors and Decor