Top 7 New Trends in Decoration and Architecture for 2018

Every beginning of the year is tradition to talk about the main trends that will rock during it all.

However, this year we intend to do differently and instead of talking everything that is going to be trend and often repeat items from previous lists, since many things will still remain, we decided to make a top 7 of decoration and architecture of what will really be new (and is not on the previous lists) in the year of 2018!


Project: Architects Suite

Metal: and preferably black! It has already been seen in almost every room of a house: kitchen, bathroom, closet, ... however, this year the iron structures promise to dominate the décor!

Textured Glass

Project: Patricia Pasquini

Textured glass: especially the corrugated! Presented in several shows in the middle of last year, at the end of it already was possible to see many projects using in cabinets of kitchens, boxes, doors ...

Joinery Covered with Stones / Porcelain Tiles

Project: Daniela Andrade

Joinery covered with stones / porcelain tiles: With this trend it is possible and is perfect for those who enjoy a monochrome or different décor!

Fine Table Tops

Project: Toninho Noronha and Renato Andrade

Fine table tops: The trend for this year according to important shows such as Milan Furniture Hall, Casa Cor are extremely thin tops run of super strong materials, of course!

Ultra Violet

Project: Juliana Pippi

Ultra Violet: the color of the year 2018 according to Pantone! And despite the company's influencing power, we believe that Ultra Violet will also "catch" this year because it's a color that pleases a lot of people!

Mirrors with frames in bathrooms

Project: Paola Ribeiro

Mirrors with frames in bathrooms: mostly round or with rounded corners. It's been a long time since we've used unfinished mirrors and covering practically the whole wall of the counter in bathrooms, have not we? The today trend is to decorate it with framed mirrors, as well as functionality and breadth that provide the environment still gives more style information to the project!

Mirror of water, fountains and cascades on facades

Project: Dalber Aguero

Mirror of water, fountains and cascades on facades: especially the front! Decorative architectural features that use water and give movement promise to blow in this year of 2018! The proposal was more commonly used in commercial projects, however, since the middle of last year has been increasingly seen in residential projects!