House of Ruins, Latvia

The House of Ruins is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Latvia. It is a single family house built inside the ruins of a traditional 19th century Latvian barn. The architects have used the idea of contrast, cold wind from the Baltic sea is opposed with the warmth of the family, rough surface of the old stone is set against perfection of glass. The house provides quietness of the nature and modern life comfort.

Architecture: NRJA

Beautiful cob cottage design, Oregon, USA

Environmentally friendly and affordable building material - mixture of clay, straw and sand was used to build the walls of the beautiful cob cottage (Oregon, USA). The thermal mass of cob around the wood stove allows save a comfortable warm temperature inside the house for a long time.

Cob cottage design and photography: Artisan Builders Collective

Limestone home, Antilles islands (Caribbees), France

This beautiful limestone home (Antilles islands (Caribbees), France) is situated on a thin, high peninsula of the St. Barthelemy island. The facades are sliding glass panels. This creates a seamless connection between the exterior spaces and the main living space.

Architecture: Barnes Coy Architects
Photography: Robert Moore Brown

Beautiful green roof garden home, Singapore

Each floor of this beautiful green roof garden home has a separate garden, located on the landscaped roof of the lower floor. Thus achieved a feeling that each level represents a single-storey home, situated in a green garden.

Architecture: Guz Architects
Project: Meera Sky Garden House
Area: 852 кв.м.
Year: 2010
Photography: Patrick Bingham Hall

Luxury vacation house, Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luxury vacation house (Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil) designed to be supported by five pillars, with living rooms/dining rooms/sitting rooms, balconies, en-suites bedrooms and a pool facing the beautiful sight of ocean beach. Preserved vegetation and terrain.

Architecture: Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture
Photography: Leonardo Finotti