Floating House, Canada

The floating house is situated near remote island surrounded by picturesque views of the Great Lakes in Canada. Sauna and boat dock are located on the first floor and a living room, kitchen, office and bedroom are on the second floor.

Architecture: MOS – Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample
Photography: Florian Holzherr

Beach house, Auckland, New Zealand

The owners of the beach house (Auckland, New Zealand) are returning to live in Waiheke Island after a long period in Asia. Perfect design and location make this home a nice place to take a rest for soul and mind.

Architecture: Daniel Marshall Architects
Photography: Ernie Shackles

Openhouse, Hollywood Hills, California

The Openhouse (Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California) is embedded into a sharply sloping and narrow property in the Hollywood Hills, a site that led to the design of a house that is both open to the city below and integrated into the landscape. Retaining walls of the house are configured to design the second level`s garden terrace and to extend the living level on the first floor into the hillside.

Architecture: XTEN
Photos: Art Gray Photography

Amazing concrete house design

Amazing concrete house design is simple and clear. The circle roof openings spread the sunlight, creating abstract and pure atmosphere in the house. Central patio generates entrance through the staircase and connects the houses three stories. The house relates three exterior spaces: garden, roof terrace and plaza, allowing exteriors for a pretty big area.

Architecture: Eduardo Berlin Razmilic
Photography: Eduardo Berlin & Sebastian Sepulveda