White Home Facade with Concrete, Wood and Glass Details by Farinazzo Architecture

Project Residência MS
Design Farinazzo Architecture
Area 475 sqm
Year 2012

With 475 sqm of area this house designed in 2012 includes a mix of materials: wood, concrete and glass.

The timeless combination brings lightness through the glass while at the same time conferring robustness due to the cement plates (Castelatto) and warmth through the wood.

In addition, the combination helps to value the design volumetry, especially in the sunroom / main entrance.

Description from architect:

In sensational ways this house represents the freedom of the architect's trait. It is visually delineated by the marquise that is interrupted by the volumetry at the entrance, by the glass panels of double right foot of the social being, and in the sides, soon to return and to complete symmetrically the drawing in the balcony of the internal facade. Expressive blocks in cement coating cut the white creating the feeling of robustness. Wood predominates sensibly, rescuing regional values. A lot of glass and PVC frames in the openings harmonize with the design, allow the natural light between and provide thermal and acoustic insulation. Rectangular and circular cutouts are highlighted on the facade.

The marquise gains continuation of the materials: concrete, glass and wood giving the project greater grandeur and highlighting the double right foot.

Rear facade following with the same proposal of materials and volumetry.

The all white masonry also looks very impressive.

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