How to Choose the Perfect Oak Door for Your Space

When you are the person directing the design and building of a space, every detail matters to you. How do I tie these rooms together? What options should I choose to keep the look and feel of this space unified? These types of questions are commonly running through the mind of the person in charge of making the final decisions.

Another important consideration for anyone in that position is, “What type of oak doors should I choose”? When choosing the right door for your project, there are a few defining factors that will help you make this decision. What are some of the most important of these factors?

Aesthetics Factors


Hardware can transform a door from a simple and classic style entryway to a modern, chic door. Available in chrome finishes, flat colours and innumerable different styles, hardware is one of the most important aesthetic features of your doors.


Maria from internal doors store Doors Galore said “The variety of finishes and colours of oak doors is what makes them so versatile. When considering what oak door to install, make sure that the finish matches the rest of the room or use the door as an opportunity to present a powerful accent or contrast to the rest of the space.”


While size may seem like a strictly functional factor, door size can be used as anaesthetic choice as well. Oversize doors, short saloon-style doors and other options can transform the look of your space with a simple change to a doors size.



Hardware falls into the functionality category as well because one of the most important functions of a door is to allow access to a space or create a separation between spaces. Hardware can be installed above the door to make it a barn door, in its traditional place for a classic entry or in other, creative ways to make the functionality of your door work for the space.


Door size is a crucial factor when deciding on your doors. Makes sure to have the proper measurements and double-check before getting any custom doors made.


Barn doors, saloon-style doors, oak doors with glazing or solid doors are all options and you need to know the right style of door to suit your space. There is the option of double doors, bi-fold and pocket doors or even sliding oak doors, so it is important to know what makes sense for your project and the expected use of the doorway.

Insulation Needs

How much noise needs to be blunted by the door? Does the door have to act as a thermal barrier? These questions are key to knowing what type of oak door to purchase for your projects.

Financial Considerations


Your initial budget is key to knowing what type of oak doors to consider in the planning stage of your project. A higher budget will give you a wider selection of oak door types and styles but even a modest budget will be able to provide you with a quality oak door.


Even though the maintenance cost on most oak doors is minimal, it is worth discussing and considering when choosing an oak door for your new space.

The Right Questions Lead to the Right Option

Knowing the right questions to ask and the appropriate factors to weigh will lead you to make the right choice when choosing an oak door for any given space. Remember to take your time and choose based on all the above factors to get the ideal oak door.