Feng Shui and Wardrobe Design: Creating Harmony in Your Living Space

Although Feng Shui is often regarded as the philosophy behind efficient interior design, the same principles can be applied to your wardrobe too. The main idea is that your surroundings should reflect a harmonious and organised living space.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you can probably see how this principle will help keep your clothes looking good and keep stress at bay whenever you want to get ready. No longer will you have to root through piles of t-shirts or search endlessly for your favourite jeans. With Feng Shui, getting ready will always be something you look forward to.

The main principles of Feng Shui

Feng Shui goes far beyond basic interior design and materialises in countless forms. There are feminine and masculine energies, cold and warm temperatures and tones, and design choices that reflect where you want to be in your life. The whole philosophy balances opposing energies to perfection, culminating in a varied home that has everything you need.

Feng Shui is made up of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each one represents something different, with wood signalling growth and wealth, and earth that symbolises stability and healthy relationships. All sounds pretty good, right? And they’re definitely things you want to integrate into one of the most important parts of your home.

Wardrobe Layout and Placement

When it comes to deciding where to place your wardrobe, refer to the Bagua Map divides the room into nine areas. Each area corresponds to a certain life experience, be that careers, relationships or family. Ideally, your wardrobe should be placed in the North, North-East or North-West areas of your bedroom. You might want to consider a fitted wardrobe that represents added stability.

As for arranging your clothes, do it in such a way that promotes a healthy balance and flow. Organise your wardrobe so it follows the order of you putting on an outfit, with underwear first, then the first layer and then any jumpers or coats last.

Colour and Material Selection

When it comes to choosing the colour and material of your wardrobe, we need to go back to the five elements. Choose materials that are environmentally friendly such as wood and bamboo; synthetic materials are associated with negativity.

Inside the wardrobe, make sure there are enough shelves, hanging rails and other storage units to keep your clothes properly organised. Add in a laundry basket if you have the space to keep it from cluttering the bedroom. Then, you want it to be illuminated properly; this is particularly important in Feng Shui.

Finally, opt for natural shades like greens, blues and yellows to bring positivity and balance into your bedroom. Other colours, like purple reflect prosperity whilst white is associated with purity.