Area Rugs & 4 Ways They Can Give A New Touch To Your Home

Redecorating your home and installing new features is always an exciting and challenging process. It’s incredible how a new area rug can give the place an entirely different look, make it cozier and accentuate new vibes.

If you’ve tried different styles, colors, and motifs and experimented with neutral tones, yet you’re still unsure which way to go, don’t despair. Just be patient.

In this article, we’ll focus on how an area rug can give a new touch to your home and help you find the perfect look for each room. Even though adding a carpet can be the starting point of your interior design change, there are additional steps to consider to make everything blend seamlessly.

Experiment With Colors More

Many rugs are available, from square and circle, with vivid colors and bold designs, to rugs with contrasting or neutral colors, etc. Depending on your room, you can choose a rug that will match the room's mood or appear as minimalistic as possible.

Choosing the right rug colors depends on the colors of your walls, furniture, and the rest of the decorative elements. If you have a room with unappealing, soft, and neutral tone colors, it’s best to choose a rug with bold colors and prints.

If you want a warm vibe, use warm colors like caramel, brown, beige, orange, red, or pink. At the end of the day, the choice falls to your preferences.

Geometrical rugs are known for their colors, so they can always come to your rescue if you need a layout for your room, or you’ve missed the color scheme. They can give your room a 3D visual effect and make the space appear larger if it is quite modest. The larger rooms will appear toned down and sparse with the patterned rugs.

For more visual inspiration, check out Momeni and their extensive offer of rugs in all shapes and sizes that can fit any room and design.


Consider a Minimalistic Style

Geometric rugs are fun, unusual, and interesting decorating elements that give the space more than just beauty but a sense of functionality and warmth. A nice rug will bring warmth to a contemporary home or a minimalist style in a dramatic and richly-patterned room.

When selecting the rug and implementing a minimalist style, think about how you interact with your home. Do you prefer walking barefoot in all of your rooms? Or do you wear slippers? A nice, cozy feeling under your feet gives a sense of warmth and comfort while you walk from one room to another. Consider the rug materials when improving the look and feel of each room.

Experiment With Layering

Laying one rug on top of another might be strange and unusual for you. But the finest part of each interior design process is defining your home's character and uniqueness. Whether it’s an oriental rug, a vintage rug, or a Moroccan one, layering up helps you experiment with the design and take chances of creating something astonishing.

Be aware that this might result in a disaster if you use color combinations that are not compatible or pair a flashy pink rug with a grey one. Try out the layering in the rooms you spend most of your time to see whether it works for you. 

Place the Rugs Properly

Choosing the area rugs properly is only one part of the equation. The other part is to place them appropriately. You can place rugs anywhere, in the kitchen, halls, corridors, living room, bedroom, kids' room, etc.

Rugs transform the atmosphere in each room, so you don’t need to worry whether your room looks empty, plain, or boring. All you have to do is place an area rug that complements the rest of the furniture.

If you’re redecorating the living room, the rug usually goes under the first legs of the furniture and all four legs of the table. If the rug is larger, the remainder goes under the furniture. If the kitchen is what you want to decorate, it’s recommended to place a rug under the kitchen table and make sure it’s large enough to lay beneath all the chairs and the table.

The bedroom can be decorated with any type of rug as long as it doesn’t look crowded and narrow. You can place two small rugs on each side of the bed or one larger in front of it.

Get Rug Shopping!

Now that you know how to decorate with a rug and where to implement certain features, it’s time to get that card and go rug shopping. But before that, make sure you’ve determined the colors, style, and patterns in relation to furniture, decorative elements, and palettes.