How To Make Your House Move Easy And Efficient

Moving is one of the most challenging tasks that people need to deal with at some point in time. It’s never fun and can sometimes be unpleasant. But when planned well, you can make the process as smooth as possible. All you need is to take time to plan ahead to prepare yourself and ensure an easy and efficient house move.

However, it’s essential to remember that every move is unique. While others can do it alone, some people may need the help of expert movers.

If you’re one of those who require an expert’s help, get more information by visiting websites similar to This way, you’ll know when and how to keep in touch with moving professionals should you need their assistance.

Below are the other ways to make your house move as efficient and easy as possible:

1. Create A Moving Plan

Even if it may seem obvious, not all people pay importance to creating a plan when relocating. But regardless of where your new home is, having a moving plan can make a difference in ensuring a hassle-free process.

With a plan in place, you’ll get a clearer view of the timeline of every task that needs to be completed, from hiring a moving company to packing up your items. A plan can also help you avoid last-minute scrambling and ensure everything’s taken care of well in advance. As a result, it’ll save you from any hassle in the long run.

Consider creating a house move checklist to keep track of your moving plan. Typically, it includes the primary tasks that should be completed within your target timeframe.

2. Declutter Before You Start Packing

One of the ways to make your house move more efficiently and much simpler is to declutter before you start packing. This process includes eliminating items you no longer use or need so you can lessen the number of things you need to pack. If you plan to sell your house, decluttering can make your property ready for sale.

Not only will decluttering save you effort and time, but it may also allow you to enjoy savings. Besides, the fewer items you need to pack and bring to your new home, the more affordable your move will be.

There are several ways to declutter your house. Start by going through every room and eliminating items you no longer need. Depending on your preferences, you can donate unwanted items to your chosen charity or hold a garage sale.

Be sure to declutter ahead of your target relocation schedule. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to get rid of the items you don’t need.

3. Get Packing Materials In Advance

You should prepare your packing supplies and materials as early as possible when moving. Doing it last minute may only make your move more stressful as you have to scramble to look for boxes and other packing supplies.

There are different kinds of materials you need to pack your belongings securely. If you don’t know which to consider, here are some of the things you should have:

  • Boxes: No matter how big or small your move is, you need boxes in various sizes. While you can purchase these materials online or at any local hardware store, you can save money by asking for the extra boxes of anyone you know. Professional movers may also have a stock of boxes you can buy at an affordable price.
  • Packing Tape: Be sure to purchase quality packing tape. This will keep your boxes hold up during transit.
  • Plastic Bags: Keep your toys and games organized with plastic bags. You can also keep smaller items in these packing materials.
  • Bubble Wrap: Packing peanuts and bubble wrap can protect your fragile item during and after the move.
  • Furniture Dolly: If you’re moving heavy boxes or dressers, furniture dollies can help you finish the work without incurring back injuries. The good thing about a furniture dolly is that you can rent it at an affordable price.
  • Utility Knife: It’s an excellent item for breaking down bigger boxes or opening boxes when you need to unpack them.
  • Rope: It’s useful when tying down big items. You may rent cargo straps and tie-downs from moving companies.
  • Stretch Wrap: A stretch wrap may come in handy during your move. You can use it when securing dresser drawers or keeping some items together.
  • Moving Blankets: These materials help protect your furniture from dings and scratches while in a moving truck. You can purchase moving blankets at any store, but you can ask movers if they rent out such items.
  • Thick Markers Or Sharpies: Markers are crucial for labeling moving boxes. If you want to keep your items well-organized, use color-coordinated box labels.

In addition to the above list, you must remember the tools to disassemble furniture and other items such as garbage bags and cleaning supplies. The amount of packing materials you’ll need may vary depending on your needs. It’s better to have too much than too little. Moreover, you must invest in specialty boxes, especially if you have plenty of glassware, dishes, or antiques.

4. Pack Boxes Correctly

Even if you can pack your items the way you want, there are some rules you need to know to keep your valuables damage-free and safe. A well-packed box can save space, protect your items, and give you ease when loading into the moving truck. To pack your boxes properly, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Put heavier items on the bottom. When combining heavier and lighter items, always put the heaviest items on the bottom part of your box.
  • Use bigger boxes for light items.
  • Heavy items such as pans, books, and pans must go in smaller boxes so you can lift them easily.
  • Fill the empty spaces of your boxes. Don’t leave gaps because these can make the boxes unbalanced. To fill the holes, use towels, packing peanuts, or paper.
  • Ensure to tape your box securely to keep your items in place.

Packing boxes don’t need to be challenging. Use these tricks to make the process easy and protect your belongings during the move.

5. Separate Your Essentials

It’s hard to unpack all your boxes at once when you’ve just moved into your new house. With that in mind, separate your essentials from other boxes. This will help you avoid opening every box just to find your medicine or fresh clothes.

Some essentials you can pack in a separate bag are as follows:

  • Important documents, including identity cards
  • Small tools like a utility knife for unpacking boxes
  • Coffee or tea
  • Medicines
  • Toiletries
  • Spare batteries, extra cables, and phone chargers
  • Clothes

Keep these items together in a bag. You can bring it with you or load it into the moving truck. If you have pets or children, you can have separate bags of essentials for them.

6. Keep Your Paperwork Safe

Store every important document in a box or folder, including insurance papers, wills, passports, and house deeds, to ensure easy access. It must be placed somewhere safe to avoid losing or misplacing it during transit. If you can, bring such documents with you. It’s also an excellent idea to have electronic copies of your documents. Scan and save them in your mobile device or external storage so you can access them whenever you want to.

7. Hire A Reliable Moving Company

Not everyone hires moving companies because they’re expensive. While it’s not always true, moving service providers may actually cost you money. However, it’s better than doing everything yourself, which can also make you prone to injuries. The key is to work with a reliable moving company. At present, there are countless moving companies you can rely on. But only a few are known for their good reputation. Therefore, do your research before choosing one for your needs.

If you want to make the right choice, here are some tips and tricks to hire the best moving company:

  • Understand What Services You Need: The distance, size, and type of move will help determine which service provider suits your requirements. You’ll have to decide whether you need full-service movers or a few extra hands to help you. Remember that the more time or services you need, the pricier your house move.
  • Ask For Recommendations: Another trick to hiring the best moving company in your area is to ask for recommendations or suggestions from your family members or friends. If you know anyone who has hired movers, contact them and ask about their experience. If they had a great experience, consider hiring the same company. Besides, you can always trust first-hand experiences than online reviews.
  • Read Online Reviews: If you don’t know anyone who has hired moving companies before, your best resort is to read online reviews. It’s critical to know what previous clients say about the services you intend to consider. Be sure to read both positive and negative reviews to know how trustworthy a moving company is.
  • Ask Questions: Choosing a moving company for your needs is confusing and challenging, but it’s much easier when you’re well-informed. So, when looking for movers, never hesitate to ask questions regarding their services and anything related to your house. Then, settle with the company that provides the most satisfactory answers.
  • Obtain And Compare Price Quotes: One of the common mistakes that people make when moving is to accept the first price quote they receive. While it can help save your time, doing so may cost you more over time. If you want to enjoy savings, get multiple quotes and compare them before you select any company. A mindful comparison will help you make the right choice without compromising your budget and the service’s quality.

Following these tips will help you hire the most reliable moving company near you that can get the job done well. Although you have the freedom to choose any service provider, you can save your time, money, and effort from experts known for their reputation and quality service.

8. Ask Your Loved Ones To Help

Whether or not you hire movers, you may need to ask for help from your loved ones to carry some items out of your old home into your new place. However, ensure they're committed if you want to rely on them during your move.

If possible, schedule your house move during the weekend. It’s when most people don’t have work to worry about. In addition, create a plan for what every helper must do. For example, you can assign one of your friends to set boxes or focus on a particular room. Doing this will help you pack your items quickly.

9. Take An Inventory

To have a smooth and efficient house move, there are many things you can do to ensure everything goes well. One of these is to take an inventory of your items when packing. Although it may take more effort and time, it’s worth it.

A primary advantage of an inventory is that it makes unpacking easier. Most people find this process fun, but it can also be challenging. If your boxes are not well-organized, you’ll waste time finding the items for a particular room.

Having an inventory makes unpacking hassle-free since you know where to find every item. As a result, it’s much easier to put your items together for every room and do it without consuming more time.

Another benefit of taking inventory is that you’ll quickly know when anything goes missing. You may misplace some items during a move, or your movers may mishandle them.

With a detailed inventory, you’ll know which items are missing. Moreover, you’ll know if you haven’t packed particular items, providing peace of mind during a house move.

10. Relax On Moving Day

During your moving day, avoid doing too much and take things easy. Besides, you need the energy to unpack your things when you arrive in your new home. So, let the professionals do their job and relax. Instead of stressing yourself out on heavy lifting, focus on more important tasks like planning how to organize your belongings in your new place.


Wherever your new destination is, moving is always a challenging job. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Use the strategies above to make your house move less time-consuming, more efficient, and hassle-free. The key is to have a plan and start your preparations in advance. Working with professionals to ensure a seamless house move may also be useful.