The Role of Property Developers

Property developers prepare the site for development, deal with the land's owner, obtain the required permissions, and secure funding. To determine the ideal place for development, they will also collaborate with the county and the city. Many services cater specifically to urban development.

One can easily find property developers in Sydney. Sydney's median lot price in 2020 was $495,000, or roughly $1,285 per square meter, based on the Urban Development Institute of Australia's (UDIA) 2021 State of the Land report. Consequently, a building in NSW can range from $1,780 per square meter for an average low-cost build to $5,100 for an annual premium build.

What Does a Developer Do with Properties?

  • It is their job to deal with landowners, real estate brokers, investors, lending organisations, insurance companies and banks, architects, attorneys, construction firms, public officials, and other relevant individuals.
  • To complete a project profitably, the property developer is in charge of selecting the best sites, collecting funding, securing planning approval, constructing vacant land, planning restorations or repairs, or leasing real estate.
  • Real estate investors purchase large swaths of land to develop neighbourhoods of homes, businesses, and shopping centres.
  • They see a property's perspective, pick the location for potential development, and then purchase to take control of the land.
  • The new proposal is designed in collaboration between architects and real estate developers.
  • Additionally, they employ a builder to complete the development before listing the home for sale or rental.
  • Property developers put in a lot of effort to comprehend global trends, provide high-quality real estate items, and assess clients' expectations.
  • As they meet the essential requirement for facilities like residential, office space, commerce, entertainment, etc., they have a crucial role in the real estate industry.
  • Property developers build buildings while dividing land into sections to develop real estate for sale.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organisational, and leadership skills, a risk-taking attitude, inventiveness, and problem-solving abilities are some of the qualities seen in real estate developers.
  • They also can make difficult decisions and see opportunities, as well as the financial know-how to handle development funding and the technical know-how to assist with property development.

Duties of Property Developers

Property developers in Sydney often carry out the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Discovering a compelling development opportunity
  • Providing answers to requests for proposals for renovation
  • Drafting contracts with the assistance of attorneys, agents, and other individuals
  • The development will be project managed, and any building work will be supervised to ensure it is completed by the deadline.
  • Negotiating for and securing planning approval and licensing, as well as staying current with building codes and advancements in the general industry
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety standards
  • Setting introductory pricing for publicly held land and negotiating rates for the acquisition and sale of land.
  • Aiding with the development's advertising and securing funding
  • Maintaining the property includes planning routine maintenance or safety and establishing leases and employment agreements.
  • Interacting with builders, real estate agents, architects, engineers, designers, local government representatives, zoning inspectors, attorneys, and other experts
  • Choosing a location for a new business, home, or industrial development
  • Discussing the design and construction plans with builders, engineers, and designers
  • Ensuring that the land is zoned legally by consulting with zoning officials and realtors and hiring contractors to complete the development
  • Terms and price negotiations with contractors
  • Appointing real estate brokers to handle the development land's sale.


In Sydney, there were 215 houses for sale and 394 for rent in November 2021. The average price for a property sold in Sydney in 2021 was $1,175,000.

Property developers are in charge of planning, organising, and executing building or remodelling projects for either public or private usage.