Renovation with Colorful Cement Tiles in Grey Décor Apartment

About Karina Korn

Design: Karina Korn
Area: 307 m²
Location: Perdizes, São Paulo, Brazil
Photos: Eduardo Pozella

Renovation with colorful cement tiles in grey décor apartment injected spirit into the kitchen with the linings and, in the living room, the pictures of living tones give charm.

A secret for the grey décor to gain joy? Bet on sober tones lit by vibrant colors at strategic points. This was done by the architect Karina Korn in this 307 m² apartment in Perdizes, São Paulo. The unique and versatile result is far from monotonous and can be easily changed over the years by changing few elements.

There lives a family with three children of different ages, who wanted, above all, that the renovation bring privacy for each one for friends visits. The unusual request came along with the proposal of not having TV in the living room, and a sober decoration in the living room and that reflects their personalities in the rooms.

Living and dining integrate and form the main area. Each opposing wall has gained a mosaic of Portuguese stones and colorful pictures, which give life to the space.

The grey kitchen, with ornare white cabinets, comes out of the ordinary. The pediment of the sink and one of the walls received Marcelo Rosenbaum colorful cement tiles.

In the youngest child's bedroom, the blue cushions and the stroller collection color the room.

The middle child has a sand bag for boxing in his own room, which displays a huge graffiti on the wall.

Already the oldest son, university, preferred that his space had grey walls.

Even in neutral grey palette, the headboard comes out of the ordinary in the couple's bedroom: the patchwork of patterned fabrics attracts attention in elegant fendi tone.

About Karina Korn

Interest in art has always been present in my life. Since I came from a family of professionals in the area of architecture, decoration and construction, I have always been able to follow them closely, and so I learned early on to deal with this type of work. I am passionate about my profession, and I try to show it in the works that I execute. My projects are the fruit of years of experience in the area of architecture and interior decoration, coupled with the intense search for novelties.

Phone: 11 98848-6858 / 98849-9669 / 988487333

Renovation with Colorful Cement Tiles in Grey Décor Apartment