Prefab House in Italy Turns in Search of Sun

Mechanism allows to vary the landscape and direct solar panels

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The architect Roberto Rossi designed a prefab house in northern Italy that rotates 360 degrees in both directions. The idea is that the rotation movement allows to offer different views for the residents and also direct the solar panels installed in the property in order to better capture the light.

The octagonal building built near the town of Rimini balances on a central pillar that rotates mechanically. "A house that was capable of turning was a customer request from the beginning of the project," Rossi tells. "In addition to appreciating the changing landscape according to the positioning, he is passionate about machines and mechanisms."

The project, whose main challenge was to maintain lightness, is inspired by Villa Girasole, another spinning house built in Italy in the 1930s. The work of architects Angelo Invernizzi and Ettore Fagiuoli moves on circular trails around a point central. "We have rediscovered the futuristic and avant-garde appeal of Villa Girasole," says Rossi.


About Protek

Thanks to the experience and the twenty-year passion in the field of wooden structures, in particular of prefab houses with very high energy efficiency. We can guarantee a complete service that starts from the design and guides the customer step by step up to his new prefabricated houses complete with systems and finture, through the search and the choice of the most suitable solutions. Our specialization is the guarantee of punctuality and precision of our woodwork: our training is the basis of our offer. At our disposal we have a wide range of services and tools in the field of prefab houses technology in all-round bio-building.

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Prefab House in Italy Turns in Search of Sun