Contemporary Home with Garden Design

Land area: 800 sqm
Construction area: 980 sqm
Area of garden and terraces: 360 sqm
Location: Bosques de las lomas, CDMX

About VGZ arquitectura y diseño

Openings make the sustainable architecture to receive the maximum of daylight in this contemporary home with garden design in Mexico City, which also captures rainwater.

The architects of the Mexican office VGZ arquitectura y diseño thought more about the openings of this house to receive the light of the sun than in the construction itself. For them, this would result in seamless integration and fluidity with nature. Each residence environment in Mexico City is designed to connect with the green.

Lots of glass cloths and sliding doors make the boundary between interior and exterior even smaller. Even on rainy days the indoor spaces receive natural light. Concrete, glass, wood and stones reinforce this connection with nature.

On the ground floor, the library is one of those spaces with access to the common garden. Surrounded by shelves and walls lined with wood panels, the space follows shades of brown so that the attention turns to the green outside.

In addition to requiring little artificial light during the day, among the sustainable solutions is rainwater harvesting.

The feeling of being free in a contemporary home is what led the architects to think of the landscaping to compose the decoration inside and outside the contemporary home with garden design. The idea is to live with freedom in the city - and this is done through access to common and private gardens, designed especially for the residence.

Description from architects.

The compositional scheme starts from an L in which the planes are phased out to create a set of inputs and transparencies that erase the inner-outer borders and link the different spaces. Surrounded by a garden or terrace on all the facades, the concrete works as a structure and finished at the same time, achieving a palette of materials that change in the same planes, concrete, glass, wood and stone.

We seek to respect the environment in every aspect, taking advantage of rainwater, treating the black water and generating electricity with the sun. We achieved a very transparent house where the walls are finished structure.

About VGZ arquitectura y diseño

Address: Emilio Castelar 111-2 Polanco. CDMX, C.P. 11560
Tel: (55) 5280 3021
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Contemporary Home with Garden Design