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Beautiful classic blue kitchen cabinets with grey countertops

When decorating her apartment in São Paulo, interior designer Marina La-Gatta chose to open the kitchen area to the living room and was not afraid to take a chance on the color palette and print the personality of someone who likes to welcome friends. She chose to invest in the classic blue kitchen cabinets with grey countertops.

The kitchen walls remained with white paint and in the backsplash, around the sink, the surface was coated with Subway Tiles (the famous New York subway tiles). In addition to the intense blue, another detail stands out in the set: the floor received a geometric coating in black and white. No wonder, everyone who arrives at the designer's house is around this beautiful kitchen!

Marina La-Gatta
São Paulo, Brazil
+55 11 99664-9947

Natural materials and neutral colors in Scandinavian style kitchen with a wabi-sabi touch

Add natural materials, neutral colors and abundant lighting, add furniture with some signs of time and you have an interesting combination of Scandinavian style characteristics with a wabi-sabi touch, an aesthetic of oriental origin that values imperfections. This is the case of this beautiful kitchen decorated with wooden furniture, fibers and light tones in which impermanence is incorporated in an organic way.

The beauty of the space comes from the contrast between the table and stools sculpted by nature and the straight lines of the countertop in the background. The white Smeg refrigerator follows the unpretentious minimalism, finished with a granite backsplash – a trend that works as a surprise element in the decor.

Kitchen interior combines retro and contemporary references with green cabinets and patterned ceiling

This kitchen is part of a renovated apartment on Corso Sempione, in Milan, whose design bears the signature of the duo Marcante Testa. One aspect of Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa's interior design is the focus on the ceiling, including this environment, where the wallpaper is repositioned to create a surprising effect.

Marcante Testa
Via Valprato, 68, 10155 Torino TO, Italy
+39 011 248 9489

Kitchen with white cabinet, oak hardwood floor and beautiful wooden kitchen chairs

Located in a modernist building from the 50s, this 110 m² apartment in Vila Buarque, in São Paulo, Brazil, needed to be readjusted to the needs of the new resident. Managed by the Felix Paál office, the renovation took down walls and moved rooms, but kept the original finishes wherever possible. The open kitchen was a choice to favor circulation and integration with the dining room, where wood is present from the oak hardwood floor to the contemporary furniture including these beautiful wooden kitchen chairs.

“The proposal for the kitchen, as was the resident's wish, was for it to be organically part of the living area of the house. This is a functional kitchen on a daily basis, and a large sideboard on feast days", explains architect Fernando Paál. "Countertops are in super white quartz and cabinets have white woodwork. The imbuia wood shelf is used as an element to store everyday kitchen things".

Sage green kitchen cabinet in 19th century building

This modern kitchen in sage green is part of a historic building built in 1884 in the French Renaissance style. The building, which served as the HQ of the British secret service during the Second World War in the Westminster area of London, has not had its structure altered. Therefore, the objective of the project signed by the Sella Concept office was to create a contemporary interior proposal without touching the walls, floors or ceiling.

Instead of structural changes, the office focused on the clever use of colors and materials to determine the modern aesthetic, preserving elements such as cornices and friezes. Notice the fully crafted lining decorated with a pendant lamp that exudes the scent of bygone eras. In the background, while the minimalist cabinet works as a storage area for kitchen utensils and accessories, metallic shelves offer an interesting aesthetic contrast.

Sella Concept
394 Camden Rd, London N7 0SJ, United Kingdom
+44 (0)207 609 1555

Scandinavian kitchen in dark tones - grayish green walls and cabinets

Dark colors indoors? If total black is too much for you, how about investing in a grayish green? In this environment created by the Swedish brand Artilleriet, the tone covers not only the walls and ceiling, but also the kitchen cabinet and the backsplash. Another differential of the space is the lighting: instead of adopting a single central chandelier, the creators opted for luminaires positioned at strategic points.

A variety of mismatched chairs, including a bench, surround the round table adorned with an elegant candlestick – candles always help to create a hygge mood, as dictated by the Scandinavian lifestyle booklet. Utensils on display also contribute to a casual decor. That's why it's worth taking the rustic boards out of the closet and putting them on display.

Magasinsgatan 19, 411 18 Göteborg, Sweden
+46 31 711 76 21

Black and white combination ensures spaciousness in minimalist kitchen decor

Open kitchen and integrated with the social area kitchen space will always be a great solution for those who like to host at home and need to ensure fluidity in the interiors. This black and white minimalist kitchen, decorated by interior designer Teresa Xu, is part of a residence in San Diego, California, which mixes Japanese inspiration with the residents' taste for the arts. The classic black and white combination makes for an interesting game of depth here. The central island was designed to cook and serve up to six people, who sit comfortably on the L-shaped stools on the side. The black contrasts again with the rest of the room in light tones in the iron structure in the background. The incredible chandelier completes the contemporary decor.

Teresa Xu
272 W 115th St, New York, NY 10026 USA

Kitchen with thick marble cantilever countertop table and mirrored backsplash

When they bought the 1940s Sydney apartment, the owners envisioned an integrated kitchen that would speak to the seaside location, while avoiding traditional white and creating storage areas – all taking into account the presence of natural light. Considering these observations, Australian studio Decus proposed an island cantilever table with thick countertop of Calacatta marble with burgundy veins and, on top of it, a Paul Matter brushed brass pendant lamp with three lamps that can be directed as needed.

At the back, in the sink area, wooden cabinets made to measure for the space house utensils and the pantry. Highlight for the mirrored backsplash, which was specially designed to gently reflect the view of the ocean when the curtains on the balcony, on the opposite side, open. Poetic!

Decus Interiors
53 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 2025, Australia
+61 2 9363 4004

Small kitchen in earthy tones with an oriental touch

Small, but remarkable: this kitchen in earthy tones with an oriental touch designed by French decorator Marianne Evennou is a good example that reduced footage does not necessarily mean a lack of personality. On the contrary, here every detail tells a story. This is the case of works of art, which were brought back from a trip to China. They replace the backsplash area, normally decorated with tiles, and give the dining space a living air.

Marianne Evennou
28 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, France
+33 6 77 87 79 59

Kitchen plants decor - on the countertop, on the floor, hanging plants

Having plants at home not only works as a decorative element, regardless of style, but also brings a sense of well-being. In this beautiful kitchen, vases with different plants are spread throughout the kitchen at different heights - on the countertop, on the floor, hanging... This choice creates a feeling of a contemporary urban forest. To accompany, light wood custom furniture contrasts with black coatings in small areas. The colorful crockery on display completes the decor.

Beautiful kitchen with black tiles, light wood cabinets and cobalt blue curtains

Instead of walls, this small apartment project in Kiev, Ukraine, bet on a bold feature: cobalt blue curtains to divide the areas when necessary. Using the vibrant color also highlighted other striking details of this decoration signed by Ater Architects - the case of the kitchen, which mixes black and pink with wood.

Made of marble fragments, the light floor brought more light to the other dark elements. There are two types of cabinets: some in black, occupying the lower part, and others in light wood, in the upper part and on the right side. The round dining table has a pink finish on the base - a color that also appears between the tiles.

Ater Architects

Blue and orange in the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen cabinets with combination of colors and textures.

An apartment that feels like home. This was the style that architect Andrea Serboli wanted for his home in Barcelona, Spain. The kitchen connected with the living area has a lot of light, which allowed the use of strong colors in the kitchen decor. Two shades of blue were chosen to fill the space's smart and minimalist cabinets. To compose, with more fun, the ceiling beam was painted orange and the exposed pipe pink. The youthful and high-spirited atmosphere is contrasted with sober textures, such as the marble top of the island and the kitchen sink. The central chandelier makes the decor even more elegant, not to mention the black painted metals. Cook with joy!

Colombo And Serboli Architecture
Via Laietana, 36, 1º 2º, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
+34 653 47 82 21

Exposed brick wall in the kitchen

Exposing the structure of the wall or even the ceiling is an interior trend that will not go out of style anytime soon. Here, the kitchen gains even more texture with the presence of the brick wall, typical of old lofts. To emphasize its presence in the environment, the wet area, cabinets and shelves for utensils were installed right there. The play between the bricks and the different woods makes the space cozy with an inspiring earthy palette. Ceramic objects, linen and old gold finish the kitchen in incredible detail.

Black kitchen with minimalist decor - Hygge style dictates a spacious and bright atmosphere

If having an all-black house is too disruptive to your decorating style, how about investing in the trend in a single environment? In this black and minimalist kitchen, designed by Studio Four, the hygge philosophy was the main inspiration for the visual design of the space. The feeling of coziness, welcome and comfort were essential requests from the owners. The main structure, with cabinets, doors to hide the appliances and the sink, was all black. Complementing the aesthetics, light wood furniture warms the space, connected with other environments in the social area of the house. The slatted wooden ceiling confirms this atmosphere of introspection.

Studio Four
1A Mercer Rd, Armadale VIC 3143, Australia
+61 3 9822 3222

Beautiful kitchen integrated in a tiny home

Tiny homes were successful a few years ago and continue to reinvent themselves, especially among people who love minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. The concept is to create environments making the most of the available space. In this tiny home, this beautiful kitchen ensures fluidity through the use of wood and light coatings that harmonize the environments. Custom furniture is another rule for this type of home: see how the built-in cupboards design the staircase that leads to the bedroom in the upper space. The minimalist decor is highlighted by the entrance of natural light and punctuated with potted plants, colorful kitchen accessories and geometric coatings.

Black kitchen cabinet with dining room

Integrated environments are a constant in interior trends, regardless of generation. The idea of connectivity with the home and use of space allows the creation of smarter and more optimized environments. Here, the black kitchen cabinet integrated with the dining room reinforces the idea of fluidity and appreciation of the entry of natural light, coming from the large windows in the industrial loft. Custom cabinets fill the back wall, creating enough space to store crockery, kitchen utensils and appliances. The dark, bucolic backdrop highlights the earthy-toned furniture and accessories that decorate the dining room. Wooden table, leather, copper and gold make up the palette of the dining area. Potted plants and arrangements with dry foliage complete the aesthetic.

Pink, green and yellow in vintage kitchen

Colorful kitchens are becoming more popular and choosing a palette can help in the decoration process. Here, green fills the walls and custom furniture under the marble countertop to create a backdrop against which other hues will softly pop up. The suspended furniture has doors one of each color, ranging from pink, yellow, peach and nude. Colors also present in the geometric tile that covers the floor. The play of shapes, textures and pastel tones create an incredible vintage kitchen. Pots with plants and cactus complete the decoration.

Shades of green in kitchen design

Color variation takes industrial reference out of the ordinary. Karine Vilas Boas uses color as the main element of her work as a fashion stylist, and this could not be left out of her new home. Juliana Camargo's project, therefore, brought a vibrant palette to the apartment's decor. The main request was to have a fully green kitchen, something the resident had dreamed of for some time. In order to unite her husband's references, which encompassed simple lines and industrial style, to the client's chromatic desire, the architect sought to mix shades of green in the kitchen, using mint green and emerald green for the cabinets and tiles. The gray of the concrete and island countertops bring a maturity to the decor. Exposed blue tableware complements Karine's ultra-colorful aesthetic. There's no way not to be inspired for meals here!

Karine Vilas Boas
R. Maria Curupaiti, 441 - 5010 d - Vila Ester (Zona Norte), São Paulo - SP, 02452-001 Brazil
+55 11 99468-0262

Beautiful kitchen with classic blue cabinets

This beautiful kitchen with classic blue cabinets, chosen as Pantone's color of 2020, is proof that the tone is capable of taking any room from the serious without making it tiring. On the contrary: nuance is capable of awakening calm and confidence, according to Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Institute, in an interview with Forbes. In addition to being present in the upper cabinets and in the cabinets under the counter, the blue that refers to the ocean also appears on the wall next to the window.

The contemporary setting gains complements in the right measure for a balanced result. Wooden table and low stools decorate the dining area, while the backsplash adds a natural texture. Finally, the hardwood floor brings a welcome feeling of warmth.

Minimalist decor, colors and furniture in this beautiful kitchen

Minimalist decor doesn't mean the space has to be monotonous, right? This beautiful kitchen integrated with the dining room takes advantage of the clean lines of the custom cabinetry to create an inspiring space and enhance the decor with elegant details. The upper cabinets could be just white, but the round wooden handles create an interesting visual geometric game. In the center, the wooden niche with glass doors stands out from the light background. The dark green downstairs, the two-tone herringbone wood floor, the gold-finished chandeliers and the elegant furniture make for an incredible combination.

Amber tone in beautiful kitchen decorated with recycled wood and blue furniture

Amber tone predominates in this beautiful kitchen, punctuated by blue furniture. When renovating this house in Melbourne, Australia, the Brave New Eco office not only made the environments brighter, but also bet on sustainability when choosing the materials. The integrated kitchen with custom cabinetry is all decorated with light wood and part of it is covered with recycled battens - note the slatted details on the curved island and a detail of the cabinets.

Brave New Eco
334 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia

Colorful coatings decorate open kitchen design

An Edwardian-style home in England needed an update, and nothing could be more amazing than adding a little color to your everyday decor. 2LG Studio took advantage of the spaciousness of the open kitchen design to play with a mix of coatings and sweet colors: pink tiles fill the walls, while hydraulic tiles with geometric designs cover the floor and the central kitchen island. The colors present there are repeated in the decorative details, such as vases, organizing pots, ceramics and stools. The custom kitchen cabinets were painted light gray to match the rest of the environment and received a wooden countertop. Industrial fixtures and vintage trolley complement the certainly inspiring aesthetic.

2LG Studio
+44 20 3590 5386

Kitchen in black, red, gray and wood

Textures of different materials stand out in this project in Rio de Janeiro. Tiles, wooden slats, burnt cement, steel... various materials configure a harmonious mix of textures in this beautiful kitchen with black cabinets designed by Paula Costa Arquitetura in an apartment of 110 m². A collector of old motorcycles and a flamenguist, the owner of the apartment in Leblon had the colors of his passions stamped on this environment.

Paula Costa Arquitetura
Av. Ayrton Senna, 2150 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22775-003, Brazil
+55 21 98232-2701

Contemporary kitchen with brown cabinets

Light wood on the floor and white on the walls enhanced the joinery. When designing this kitchen integrated into the dining room, the interior design office Cecilie Claussen bet on a simple color palette, but paid attention to the bright finishes and details that made all the difference for a contemporary result. The upper half of the visual plane is marked by white, which invades the walls, the hood, light fixtures, countertops and part of the joinery. At the bottom, it is the brown that surprises and sets the tone in the cabinets.

Cecilie Claussen
Akersgata 45, 0158 Oslo, Norway
+47 924 05 627

Pink and green in the minimalist kitchen

Cabinet structure works as a partition for the intimate area of the integrated apartment. Inside this small apartment in Berlin, Germany, the architect Ester Bruzkus played with a coordinated color palette to give the feeling of harmony in all spaces. Green and pink come in different versions. In the minimalist kitchen, she chose neo mint for the dining table and pink for the bespoke cabinets. To accompany, light wood and gray finish the light aesthetic that takes advantage of the abundance of light in the space. In addition to the natural functionality of the planned cabinets, its structure serves as a partition for the intimate area. The gray stone countertop and the semi-recessed sink enter the dance of interior trends that make this environment extremely current.

Ester Bruzkus Architekten
Schwedter Str. 34a, 10435 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 23597940

Beautiful kitchen with blue cabinets, geometric shapes and island with terrazzo top

Central island with terrazzo top brings “print” to the environment. This beautiful kitchen with blue cabinets and geometric shapes is proof that mixing can result in a contemporary and very original design. The vibrant blue of the joinery extends to the top of the wall, while the wet area is tiled in white squares with colored grout. Below it, the cabinets are greyish and equally current.

A good idea from the designers of the Hølte studio, the simple and well-crafted details stand out in the environment. This is the case of the natural wood cabinet, which serves as a pantry and “warms up” the space. Finally, the central kitchen island offers as a surprise element a terrazzo-style recycled marble surface by Altrock. The minimalist luminaire is from London studio Hand & Eye.

Hølte Studio
16-29 Andrews Rd, London E8 4QF, United Kingdom
+44 20 7041 6015

Green and pink kitchen with geometric tiles and golden details

Golden details in the accessories and the retro fridge brought even more charm to the environment. Pink is far from going out of fashion in decoration and has been gaining more and more fans of this versatile color that combines with different shades and styles. Art director Dabito, from the Old Brand New studio, is part of this team and used color with a lot of personality when designing this beautiful kitchen.

Old Brand New

Beautiful kitchen with light pink cabinets, white walls and light gray flooring

Light pink color coats linoleum surfaces and stands out between white walls and light gray flooring. This kitchen version, created by IKEA in partnership with Reform, responsible for the cabinets, adds monochromatic decor trend to another that emerged a few years ago but is still going strong today: the millennial pink.

The light pink tone was chosen for the linoleum, a material that covers the surfaces of the planned joinery, whether in the lower and upper cabinets and even around the hood. On the floor, subway tiles bring a light gray tone, which does not stand out in the set. The door and the remaining walls have adopted white, and the light fixtures and faucet have a discreet touch of gold. Simple choices that resulted in a charming environment!

White kitchen with pink island and subway tiles

White subway tiles and wooden floors guarantee the light atmosphere of the decor in actress Helene Yorke's apartment. To create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, interior designer Susanne Fox prepared an environment with different textures and finishes. Here, the bespoke cabinet has been cut in the middle to house the sink, cooktop and extra storage space. Icon of American kitchens, subway tiles form the backsplash that composes with the island in a soft pink tone, a trend color that has already become a decoration classic. And to warm up the project, the stools and the wooden floor were the big bets.

Kitchen with pink island and brass cabinets

The unlikely combinations of this kitchen designed by Alex McCabe, creator of the Australian bedding brand Kip & Co, a unique space in her home in Melbourne. The ambience demonstrates the perfect balance between modern and bohemian starting with the brass cabinets, which have been hand aged using apple cider vinegar. Just above, a hanging garden with hanging plants takes advantage of the opening to the ceiling, bringing greenery to the interior.

The unusual details of the decor do not stop there. Pink was the color chosen for the concrete island, which invites quick meals on the high stools, while, in the background, the backsplash and countertop receive quartzite coating with natural patterns.

Yellow and blue palette in the modernist kitchen design

Using colors in decoration does not necessarily mean opting for very vibrant tones or a mix of prints. Yes, it is possible to have a minimalist decor using colors, as designer Yaroslav Priadka shows. Mellow yellow fills cabinets and a piece of the wall of this small kitchen, already highlighting the space inside the apartment. The earths follow both the color of the ceiling, an orange brown, and the main walls, with a grayish brown. To break it down, blue comes in as the ideal complement and makes the space a true reference of the modernist palette. The choice of furniture and objects with simple lines does not allow aesthetics to invade maximalism. The dining table's yellow chandelier and geometric rug punctuate the space in an exceptional way.

Modern kitchen in historic building - contemporary furniture contrasts with ornaments and mosaics

This modern kitchen is part of an apartment in a historic building in Barcelona. When revitalizing the six-story building erected in the early 20th century by Spanish architect Francesc Berenguer i Mestres, professionals at the interior design studio Vilablanch invested in contemporary furniture and preserved the property's original features.

To contrast with the ornate ceiling and mosaic floor, the kitchen received stainless steel cabinets and wooden table and chairs with minimalist lines, considered more “serene” elements by the designers. “We opted for an elegant and sophisticated interior design that recovers and values decorative details that are part of the history of modernism”, explain Elina Vilá and Agnès Blanch.

Estudio vilablanch
Carrer d'Amigó, 78, 80, 1º B, 08021 Barcelona, Spain
+34 935 51 33 39

Beautiful kitchen with concrete island and kitchen island garden

Inside a historic building in São Paulo, designed by Franz Heep, this beautiful kitchen with a concrete island unites the past with the present in an inspiring way. Felipe Hess, who designed the interiors, renovated the entire environment: white tiles on the walls and hydraulic tiles on the floor form a neutral base for the environment, reinforced by the entry of natural light. The amplitude of the space was taken advantage of by the dynamics of the objects, which are arranged horizontally. The large concrete island houses a cooktop, sink and generous space for preparing and serving meals. Niches were created to keep cookbooks and everyday crockery handy. Next to the main island, a kitchen island garden next to the window grows organic food in a cool way. As the idea was to take advantage of the old apartment in a modern way, the architect integrated the social area and the division of the environments was in charge of the retractable glass doors.

Felipe Hess
Alameda Franca, 1050 - Cerqueira César, São Paulo - SP, 01422-002, Brazil
+55 11 3083-5233

Mix of wood, steel and concrete in a small kitchen with island

To guarantee amplitude for this small kitchen, Cartelle Design studio integrated the environment with the living room, removing the wall that left the narrow room. Another great way to optimize space is the suspended cellar - if desired, the resident can still place vases with suspended plants in the gap formed. The palette of grey, black and woody follows throughout the space. In the cooktop and sink area, the minimalist cabinets gain more sober tones; in the adjacent structure, with more doors and space for the oven, wood predominates, dividing the kitchen space.

Kitchen with green terrazzo backsplash and light pink cabinet

Some color combinations are so iconic that it's often hard to imagine how they would work separately. This is the case with the palette of this kitchen designed by Andrew Magmet, from the VYMIR Design office. Vivid and light at the same time, the environment combines an elegant shade of earthy green with the softness of light pink present in the closet and in the furniture details. Here, the main protagonist is the terrazzo coating applied to the backsplash.

Strikingly, the material reappears on the island, which extends into an arch-shaped dining table for two. Another interesting tip to delimit environments is the use of different tones. The cooking and dining space, for example, is visually separated by a color divide, with the kitchen floor, walls and ceiling painted green, while soft pink and white terrazzo define the living area.

VYMIR Design Studio
Shevchenka St, 45, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76018 Ukraine
+38 099 528 7661

Pink and greyish blue kitchen with built-in cabinet

Few encounters are as thriving as millennial pink and greyish blue. Light and subtle, pink and greyish blue combination used in this kitchen is the main protagonist of the environment signed by the duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, from the 2LG Studio office. Here, the pop palette makes room for the creative use of colors, which are present from the geometric vinyl floor to the countertop with built-in cabinets and a semi recessed sink. To contrast the pastel tones, golden details appear on the furniture, bringing together lamps, stools and a charming tea cart with the same shade. On the walls, hanging shelves were installed to help organize the space.

Marble fills walls and floor in kitchen

Colored coatings are becoming more and more successful in kitchen interior projects. In this kitchen, marble fills the walls and floor, forming a geometric game with a passionate vintage feel. The colors of the plates are repeated in the accessories of the environment, such as crockery and extractor hood. Minimalist furniture complements without interfering too much, since the main protagonist of the space is the coating. The terracotta colored ceiling completes the decoration full of references to the past, but executed in a contemporary and inspiring way.