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How does buying a prefab home work?
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Prairie Lights Country Homes offers beautiful custom prefab homes in Manitoba, Canada, and uses simple, straightforward and reliable process to help homeowners with proper design and customization for a new beautiful prefab home. No matter how spacious and big, or cozy and small new custom prefab home will be, homeowners can receive all possible help through every step to ensure the experience is stress-free, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

How does buying a prefab home work?

Prefab Homes Design

  • Inspiration & Design Ideas
  • Layout & Prefab Design Selection
  • Planning Support

Prairie Lights Country Homes simplifies the process by working with homeowners along the way. Specialists will take the time to go through every possible detail on home design and every layout options available. As a custom prefab home builder, Prairie Lights Country Homes will help design new prefabricated home, within homeowner's budget.

Prefab Home Pre-construction

  • Offer to Purchase a Prefab Home
  • Deposit
  • Review Floor Plans
  • Established Timeline

Once the floor plans and possible options are finalized, the builder establishes a price in which they require a deposit to start prefab construction in a factory. A production timeline for chosen design will be established to determine when new home will be completed and ready to be transported.

Prefab Home Construction

  • Construction Schedule
  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Construction Budget Management

Alongside the builder who operates in-factory processes, Shelter Homes, Prairie Lights Country Homes handles all aspects of prefab construction from start to end. Homeowners can just sit back and relax while their custom prefab home is being built in protected and climate controlled environment. New home will not be subject to weather elements like snow or rain during the prefab construction process.

Prefab Home Post-construction

  • Prefab Home Delivery
  • Hookups (hydro, sewer, water)
  • Skirting and front steps
  • Walkthrough
  • Warranty information

Once new custom prefab home is completed, Prairie Lights Country Homes will arrange for delivery of the prefab home on homeowner's lot. Skilled workers will also take care of skirting, adding front steps to new home as well as hooking up hydro, sewer and water. Managers will also schedule a walk-through with homeowner to go over all new house functions. Prairie Lights Country Homes provides a one year manufacturer’s warranty and a ten year structural prefab home warranty. These warranties cover the major structural components of a new home. For more info on prefab home warranty in Canada, visit, for more info about prefab homes, visit 

Prefab Home Kitchens

Prefab Home Bathrooms

Prefab Home Facades

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Beautiful Custom Prefab Homes, Manitoba, Canada