Metal Mesh Integrates Chinese Office Architecture to Nature

About AOE

Project: Chongqing Sunac One Central Mansion Sales Pavilion
Architecture: AOE
Year: 2017
Location: Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

Upon being hired to renovate the architecture of a sales office in Beijing, China, Aoe's office invested in a project that visually integrates construction into nature and thus pays homage to the Chinese architectural tradition.

The integration was made thanks to a metal mesh that is in front of the facade of the building and works as a kind of armor that surrounds it. And that choice was not random. Unlike Western architecture, which is largely based on a constructive system supported by masonry, the Chinese seek to make buildings a continuation of external spaces. By putting a mesh facing out, the professional created a structure with curvilinear lines dictated by the curves of nature.

About aoe 

aoe is a design practice based in the city of Beijing. Mr. Wen Qun graduated from the Cal Poly Pomona. He had worked as a design director at AEDAS, WOODS BAGOT and AECOM, which are the  world-renowned large international design companies. His thirty years of professional experience covers business, office, hotel, residential, educational, interior and planning. His professionalism and innovative ideas for him in the industry to win a good reputation, as the main creative, Mr. Wen Qun completed a number of design works received a number of international design awards. On behalf of the design works include the Xian Jiaotong Liverpool University Administrative Information Building, Guiyang Tianyi International Plaza, Qingdao Jinmao Central Europe International City, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Club, Chongqing Guofu Shaci culture Square and many other famous projects.

Address: 2nd Floor, Jiahui Center Part B, No.23 Xibahe West Zone, Chaoyang District Beijing
Phone: 010-85950799


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Metal Mesh Integrates Chinese Office Architecture to Nature