Hanging Gardens Residential Complex on Hillside in Izmir, Turkey

About M+D Architecture 

Project Asma Bahçeler (Hanging Gardens)
Architects M+D Mimarlık (M+D Architecture)
Location Izmir, Turkey
Area 14800 m2
Year 2017
Photos ZM Yasa Photography

The gardens are terraces, the terraces are garden ...

Hanging Gardens are designed with an understanding that preserves the natural structure of the land it is located in. Utilizing the steep incline of the land, terraces were formed and by placing them on each other, houses with independent gardens were created. While the houses were designed to be able to view the garden, the sea, the forest or the valley from every corner, living spaces were built in nature.

Hanging Gardens residential complex on hillside was designed with an understanding of the natural landscape and the green landscape. The steep slope in the area created houses with separate gardens, with the housing units being built on terraces and placed on top of each other. It was intended to establish neighborhood relations with the houses on the street with the view of the gulf, extending along the folds of the land topography. In addition, every living area within the residence was associated with the garden and the landscape. Inside the house every space with the outside environment ... 8 terraces forming a total of 98 houses in the building blocks Hanging Gardens'de each house has a garden ranging from 400 m2 to 60 m2.

Hanging Gardens is a mass housing project consisting in which the major design objective is to provide users with the comfort of a private residence within a collective living environment.

The buildings are positioned on a steep site with reference to the topography lines of the slope, thus minimizing interventions into the natural topography while creating residences with large gardens that merge with existing greenery.

Aiming to establish an intimate neighborhood relationship, the residential units are lined up along a wide pedestrian walkway with a view of the bay, which extends along the curves of the topography.

Each living space within the house is connected with the garden and vista. All interiors are integrated with exterior space.     

  • 120 indoor, 150 outdoor parking
  • 24 hour video and physical security
  • Smart home system
  • Automatic blinds
  • Multi split air conditioners
  • "4 Seasons" glass that does not pass hot and cold
  • Natural gas floor heating
  • Panoramic horizontal lift
  • Inside elevators
  • Fitness room
  • tennis court
  • basketball court
  • Chlorine-free semi-olympic outdoor pool with salt water
  • Sauna
  • Natural walking and biking trails
  • Children's pool and children's play areas
  • Artesian, hydrofoil and generator
  • Shelter
  • Event and leisure halls


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Hanging Gardens Residential Complex on Hillside in Izmir, Turkey