5 DIY Safety Tips for Home Improvement Projects

Home-improvement projects can sometimes take an unsafe turn. Accidents can happen. Be extra careful when you’re working at heights, with power tools or sharp blades, with heavy, awkward, or toxic materials, or with electricity or natural gas. Below are 5 DIY safety tips for your home improvement projects. 
  1. Keep a neat and clutter-free work area to avoid creating your own hazards. Cleanliness is safe. Keep cords tangled free, store tools properly, and keep all tools out of reach of children. Wipe the area down daily, sweep up dust.
  2. Have a first aid kit available. Be prepared for cuts or scrapes with a first aid kit that can be opened quickly. Be sure your kit is properly stocked with gauze pads, bandaids, antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, alcohol wipes, and scissors. Check your first aid kit often, obviously, some things may never be used, but some items like bandaids run out rather quickly. Replace the missing items, so you have them in the future.
  3. Read the directions. Are you using a new tool or piece of equipment? Be sure to read the manual first, know how to properly use the device and how to turn it off in case of an emergency. If the directions aren’t fully clear, you can watch a youtube video for more hands-on learning.
  4. Dress for the job. Dress practically, don’t wear jewelry (bracelets, dangling earrings, rings), be careful with loose sleeves, and if you have long hair, be sure to have it pulled back in a ponytail. When it comes to footwear, non-slip boots are recommended.
  5. Use personal protective equipment (PPD). Cover your eyes with safety glasses to prevent anything from getting in your eye. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from debris, dust, fiberglass, and shavings. Use earplugs to protect your hearing (power tools can still be loud). Don’t forget to keep your hands safe. Use a pair of gloves that fit your hands and the environment well. Lastly, if you’re working at heights or in confined spaces, you’ll also need a proper safety helmet.

Easy DIY Projects

Skip the expensive store-bought items and personalize your space with things that you created yourself. You can paint cabinets or furniture. Many Boston houses for sale have painted kitchen cabinets, it’s one of the quickest and simplest ways for a kitchen facelift. With the money you save painting your kitchen cabinets, you can use that money toward something else - like new countertops, perhaps.