Small Home Office Design - 16 Decor Ideas for Working from Home

The following projects show how it is possible to create quiet, functional and productive workspaces even in small spaces.

In quarantine times, the practice of the home office is adopted by more and more people. But working from home can seem like a challenge for those who are not in the habit - after all, how to maintain focus and productivity in the comfort of our home? Simple: with good decoration ideas and careful planning so that the environments do not become a distraction during working hours.

As smaller houses and apartments are cases that demand even more special care, we selected 15 small and well-organized home office projects. Together, they show how it is possible to create peaceful, functional and productive work areas in small spaces, whether in the living room, bedroom or even in a corridor! Check out the tips and solutions:

1. Functional routine

The couple of residents of this apartment in Sao Paulo dreamed of a home with functional and visually pleasing environments. As they are owners of an intense routine and with many hours of work, the architect Barbara Dundes designed a perfect small home office for everyday life. "We took advantage of a corner in the room to house it. On the left side, we put a huge closet to store all the documents, the TV sets and to keep the space organized", she explains.

AddressR. Nelly Pellegrino, 847 - Nova Gerti, Sao Caetano do Sul - SP, 09580-140, Brazil
Phone+55 11 4238-5857

2. Small loopholes

The lack of space for a common desk should not be flawless for those who want to implement small home office. In the project signed by the architect Guta Louro, the gap between the bed and the wall was enough to house an office. A square table, a wooden chair and some accessories were enough to help keep the place in order. Good tip: the furniture can still act as a side table!

USA Address125 E 39th St 4th floor, New York, NY 10016, United States
USA Phone+1 347-803-5136
Brazil AddressR. Fidencio Ramos, 100 - Vila Olimpia, Sao Paulo - SP, 04551-010, Brazil
Brazil Phone+55 11 3135-6455

3. Planned joinery

With only 9 m2, this small home office designed by the Tres Arquitetura office bet on intelligent joinery solutions to optimize the space. Furniture specially designed for the room were the resources used to take advantage of every inch.

AddressR. Amaro Cavalheiro, 347 - Pinheiros, São Paulo - SP, 05425-011, Brazil
Phone+55 11 3562-7357

4. Balcony or office?

The residents of this small apartment did not give up having a home office. The lean footage, then, was circumvented by the project of the architect Heloisa Losi, who chose to transform the balcony of the building into the ideal small home office for the couple's routine. "The space is only 4 m2, but it was perfect for their needs", says the professional. "All the furniture was carefully designed for the small home office. As we closed the balcony, the window opening system was maintained for the residents to enjoy the landscape".

AddressR. Cel. José V. Vilas Bôas, 382 - Centro, Botucatu - SP, 18600-130, Brazil
Phone+55 14 3882-4684

5. Adapted joinery and reused furniture

Moving the small home office to the balcony was also the idea used by architects Guido Ramos, Anna Fernandes and Marcelo Bezerril, from GAM Arquitetos, in this apartment in the Horto Florestal neighborhood, in Salvador. With adapted woodworking solutions, the environment still receives some design pieces, such as the Lumini table lamp and the Contemporary Magazine magazine.

AddressAv. Oceânica, 3975, Edf. Enseada Empresarial, salas 202 e 203 - Rio Vermelho, Salvador - BA, 41950-000, Brazil
Phone+55 71 2132-4111

6. In the guest room

A little used guest room received the small home office of the residents of this apartment signed by the architect Monise Rosa. "The wife is a lawyer and the husband has a company, both need to have space to work from home when necessary," she explains. "For this reason, we developed this guest room together with the home office, making a little-used environment in a place well used by both."

AddressR. Pamplona, 1445 - Cj. 61 e 62 - Jardins, São Paulo - SP, 01405-002, Brazil
Phone+55 11 4301-2296

7. On the empty wall

In the project signed by the SP Estudio office, the apartment's old room was transformed into a "3 in 1" environment: closet, small home office and guest room. The result was a comfortable space to work in a neutral atmosphere. Here, the use of white and wood serves as a backdrop for specific colored spots, such as the yellow drawer and the green of the plants.

AddressRua Bagé, 268 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo - SP, 04012-140, Brazil
Phone+55 11 5084-1594

8. Multifunctional furniture

Signed by Studio AG, this small home office belongs to a young man from the countryside who spends weeks in Sao Paulo to attend college and do some work. He requested something practical, timeless and with very well defined uses, since it is a small and fully open apartment. The architects explored the horizontal line marked by the window and created the workbench together with the TV sideboard.

AddressR. Prof. Artur Ramos, 241 - Conj. 12 - Jardim Paulistano, São Paulo - SP, 01454-011, Brazil
Phone+55 11 3031-2488

9. With plants

A comfortable small home office calls for a decoration with affective objects that bring inspiration and tranquility to relax in the face of everyday demands. Betting on a rack shelf - these small rails that accommodate shelves, is a practical option, which allows numerous combinations, being ideal even for rented apartments.

Plants can be very beneficial for people who work from home by improving air quality, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing productivity, improving aesthetics, and reducing noise levels.

Improved air quality: Plants are known to improve indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and nitrogen dioxide. These chemicals are commonly found in office furniture, carpets, and electronic equipment, and can cause health problems such as headaches, allergies, and respiratory issues.

Reduced stress and anxiety: Studies have shown that plants can help reduce stress and anxiety in people. Having plants in the home office can create a calming environment and help improve productivity and focus.

Increased productivity: Plants can also help improve productivity and concentration by providing a visual break from computer screens and other work-related tasks. Studies have shown that people who work in offices with plants are more productive and have a better attention span than those who work in offices without plants.

Improved aesthetics: Plants can help improve the aesthetics of a home office, making it a more pleasant and inviting space to work in. Plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be used to create a beautiful and unique workspace.

Reduced noise: Certain plants, such as those with large leaves, can help absorb sound and reduce noise levels in the home office. This can be especially helpful for people who live in noisy urban areas or have a lot of foot traffic in their home.

10. Planned furniture

This SP Estudio project was carried out for a young newlywed couple. The resident works at home and, therefore, needed a space reserved exclusively for her duties. Most of the furniture was designed to fit the property with smart joinery solutions. "We really enjoy working with carpentry, so we can design exactly according to the needs of the customers and with the coatings that match the concept we created", says the team. "We designed the entire joinery for the table, the perforated panel, cabinet and sliding doors that open and close this space".

11. Vintage decoration

Working from home has its advantages. In addition to being able to make your own schedules, it is possible to create a pleasant work space that has your face. This small home office designed by architect and interior designer Iya Turabelidze, for example, takes advantage of the large window and takes advantage of natural light - something rare in corporate environments. The office received a vintage desk and chair, both made of wood, in addition to a hinged lamp and a work of art on the wall.

12. In the forgotten corner

With 3.7 m2, this small home office is in an apartment in Vila Madalena. The residents, an engineer and an economist, had this space in front of the underutilized toilet. Designers at SP Estudio then transformed it into the perfect work area. "As they needed to have a space to work at home, when necessary, they asked us for a stylish, relaxed home office, to be a focal point for those who go up to the top floor, taking their attention from the toilet in front".

13. Color decoration

In this small home office of the 38 m2 apartment signed by the Macaxa Arquitetura, the shade of mint green fills the side wall and half the front wall, creating a chromatic integration with two other "rooms". The green came out of the planned bedroom closet, crossed the entrance hall - even painting the door - and arrived at the office. White, in turn, makes the connection with the kitchen. In the decoration, wooden furniture, toothpick and vibrant tones, such as red and orange, make the space even more inspiring.

AddressR. Dr. Nicolau de Sousa Queirós, 502 - Aclimação, São Paulo - SP, 04105-001, Brazil
Phone+55 11 98206-9864

14. In the corridor

Signed by the architect Cristina Barbara, this 60 m2 apartment in Sao Paulo was designed for a single man and his dog. Here, the small home office appeared in the corridor between the social and intimate area. "It is a small, charming apartment with a lot of design. It has a perfect integration between the environments", analyzes the designer.

AddressR. Dr. Sodré, 122 - 6º andar - Vila Nova Conceição, São Paulo - SP, 04535-110, Brazil
Phone+55 11 3842-8562

15. With dining table

In times of adaptation, interior designer Newton Lima brought to this compact environment a small dining table to serve the function of the small home office. In the decoration, we highlight the Tapetah rug, mirrors and wall vases by designer Fabiana Queiroga, table, chair and lamp by Allez Decor.

16. Small home office with Scandinavian decor

Working from home proved to be a challenge for many people - after all, how to keep focus and productivity in the comfort of our home? Having a space dedicated exclusively to working hours is already a big step. In this small home office, organization is the main attribute of the environment, which was entirely designed to help with concentration.

With a Scandinavian decor in mind, a few details and elements were used in the production. Here, really only what is needed is present: a desk to support the notebook and take notes, a comfortable chair to spend working hours and abundant natural light to not strain the eyes. Another highlight is the multifunctional furniture made especially for the environment. Ideal for small spaces, it functions as a table and a shelf in a single piece. We love it!

Small Home Office Design - 16 Decor Ideas for Working from Home