Low-Energy Organic House Design with "Wild Slate Roof", Germany

About architect

ArchitectWalter Andre
LocationZell, Germany

In this low-energy organic house design, regional, historical and organic structures and materials complement each other symbiotically to a fairy-tale "wavehouse". The organic structure is essentially achieved by the "wild slate roof", the roof roundings, the roof gutters and the rounded cornices.

Both externally and internally, the historical components collected passionately by the client are integrated and modeled using organic forms to form an exceptionally memorable building.

About architect

Exists since 1979 initially as an engineering office and since 1981 as an architecture office.

After two years of practice as a prerequisite for recognition as an architect by the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Architects Membership number at the Chamber of Architects: 2379

Since then, my office has been dealing with the classic fields of architecture and the associated civil engineering and building physics.

Current team of employees

1 architect
1 construction technician
1 draftsman

Depending on the construction task, the quality and capacity is supplemented by freelance workers.

Appropriate specialist engineers are called in for particularly difficult construction projects.

Technical Equipment

In addition to conventional hand-drawn sketches, we have of course been using the most modern CAD / EDP technology since 1987, which is constantly being adapted to developments.

All workplaces are networked and equipped with CAD, structural analysis, tendering and word processing programs.

Peripherals such as A0 color plotters, laser printers, scanners, CD burners, digital cameras and digital camcorders complete the equipment.

Up-to-date communication with e-mail and data exchange via DSL are part of everyday office life, although the focus is on personal contact with the people involved in the construction, in particular with the client.

Continuous training through attending seminars and studying the latest specialist literature is a prerequisite for us to be able to use and apply innovative techniques in the office, especially with regard to optimizing energy savings, for your building project. This is the only way to realize passive houses and energy-profit houses. Knowledge of building physics is essential for this, especially for the energetic renovation of old buildings.

As you can see from the examples of the implemented projects shown, I always attach great importance to the integration of the planned projects into the environment, taking into account the scale of the respective regional architecture in form and structure as well as the materials under further development with traditional and modern building materials.

On fashionable houses, for example, without sufficient roof overhang, I always do without. This makes the houses more entertainment-friendly, more durable and timeless.

The planning tasks are solved in close dialogue with the client and, during implementation, with the craftsmen involved. This ensures maximum individuality, so that the personality of its residents is reflected in the building.

My planned houses are each unique, created with the help of many people involved. As a rule, longer tests / experiments like in industry cannot be carried out. Despite the best planning and execution, errors / defects can arise. That is why it is all the more important to work with well-versed, experienced, trustworthy partners who stand by your actions, take responsibility and are capable of remedying and regulating them. You should consider this in advance of your considerations about building.

I am sure that with conventional, individual building by means of architects and craftsmen, you can still realize your dream house at the cheapest and best quality and that you will experience the greatest satisfaction, as my previous clients have experienced.

We plan for you in the private, commercial and public sector

The projects that we can plan and carry out for you include, among others

•Single and multi-family houses
•Hotel and gastronomy objects, holiday flats / apartments
•Hospitals and health resorts / clinics
•Administration and office building
•Commercial buildings
•Meeting places and town halls
•Schools and kindergartens
•Interior construction z. B. in gastronomy
•Outdoor facilities

Building and structural planning

•neutral advice
•Basic investigation
•Draft planning
•Approval planning
•Execution planning (work planning)
•Cost estimation, cost calculation, cost estimate
•Cost control
•Tendering, awarding and billing of the individual trades
•Construction management
•Property care and documentation

Building physics

•Energy saving and analysis concepts
•Evidence according to the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)
•Energy requirement certificate according to §13 Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV)
•Energy certificate for residential buildings
•Project planning of passive houses and their verification
•Project planning of energy profit houses and their verification

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Low-Energy Organic House Design with "Wild Slate Roof", Germany