Low-Cost Upgrades That Can Transform the Look of Your Home

Upgrading your home does not have to be expensive. Check out some of the easy changes you can make here that could completely transform your home. Many of us want to be able to upgrade the look of our homes but can’t afford a full renovation. Not only can the materials be expensive, but the amount we need to pay out in labour costs can often make a project seem unfeasible.

However, there are a few small upgrades, such as modern kitchen hoods, you could make that will make a room feel brand-new. Let’s take a look at three options you could look into.

New Floors

Switching out the flooring in your home is a great way to make somewhere feel new. It is an easy way to add a little prestige while making it seem like an entirely new property. Why not go for the opposite of what you already have? For example, if your home is currently carpeted, you might take a look at what is available from a UK laminate flooring shop. You could choose some beautiful laminate flooring that could make your rooms seem completely different to how they did before.

Choosing wood or laminate flooring over carpet has the added benefit of you can install it yourself. Carpet installation often has to be handled by a specialist. However, wood floor companies will often provide kits so you try to install it yourself. Add in the plethora of tutorials available online, and it makes it a job you should be able to complete on your own, thus keeping the cost down.

Repaint the Kitchen

A full kitchen refit can be incredibly expensive. Taking out the cupboards and appliances and then installing new ones always takes a lot of money and effort, and it might be something that you just don’t have. Instead, you should think about working with the frame of the kitchen you already have. With some careful changes, you should be able to transform it without actually having to alter much.

If you are happy with the layout of the kitchen, focus on aesthetic changes. Start with the countertops. You can easily get them replaced, or even find high-quality heatproof stickers to cover them if you can’t afford new ones. This is a quick and simple fix but it will make all the difference to the feel of the room.

Next, tackle the cupboard doors. You could replace them entirely, or you could just sand them down and paint them. The latter is a great option if you want to inject some colour into the room. Why not take your kitchen from its natural wood to a deep green or stormy blue? Both might be fantastic options that could make the kitchen feel brand-new with minimal effort.


Learning how to quickly but effectively reupholster something could be an amazing way for you to create some new soft furnishings for your home. If you already have pieces that you like and don’t want to replace, adding in new upholstery is the quickest way to change things about. 

You could learn how to make cushions or blankets to transform your old sofa, or you could decide to take on a bigger challenge and reupholster a headboard or an armchair. There are so many options open to you, and each one could present an interesting challenge and the chance to learn new skills.

As can be seen from above, there are several things you can do to change your home without spending a fortune. If you are looking for ways to transform your home, you should definitely consider looking into one of the above practices. Before you know it, your home could feel like a completely different space!