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ArchitectureA.Masow Architects
Project Tree in the house
Year 2013

Aibek Almassov from Kazakhstan, the founder of the design studio A.Masow Architects, has created this beautiful house around a tree design. The main highlight of this four-level house is a glass wall just around a fir-tree. This impressive twelve-meter transparent building project is created to bring together the elements of contemporary design and natural beauty, enabling people to take some time to have a rest from the tense bustle of the city life.

The project has been already set up but the house hasn’t been built because of the absence of investors. After a while, almost all mass media – from local magazines and newspapers to internet publications – became interested in this futuristic house design. Even well-known channels have found A.Masow Architects to learn more about this great project. Finally, designers have realized that this project should be built without any doubt. Aibek Almassov stated many times that this house was not so difficult to build; the most difficult was to find really interested investors. At this time, he has two interested men and one of them directs the manufacturing of glass panels. So, A.Masow Architects is going to cooperate with him as soon as possible.

The architect says that the main idea of the project is to build a house, where everyone feels oneself comfortable, being able to escape from the noisy city and stay alone with his thoughts, since the house combines strict style of the metropolis and all environmental delights – beautiful high trees, fresh smell of fir-trees and silence.

An internal spiral staircase of the four-storey cylindrical construction symbolizes the stages of spiritual purification which can accompany a person who is alone with nature and oneself.

The basis of this transparent house, where the tree grows, is a metal framework resting on three pillars. The trunk and branches are passed through circular apertures of different diameter in the ceiling between floors.

The largest cut-out is done at the level of the fourth floor, where the upper branches of tree is. Thanks to the transparent walls, a unique all-round view opens there and evokes sensation of immediate presence in the forest.

There is also a container for the rainwater. The water there is being constantly cleaned and can be used for various needs. Ventilation provides air-filling for all levels of the cylindrical home.

Particular attention was paid to the fact that the house is not harmful to the environment. Glasses of the last two floors are covered with a layer of semi-transparent solar panels that provide electricity to the house.

Aibek Almassov wants everyone to visit such a house around a tree to prove that thirty-five square meters are not destroyed by his group, because there begins a new life with quiet mornings, tranquility and health.

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House Around a Tree