Ocean View House on the Rock in Chile

The ocean view house on the rock is located in a remote area in Chile, on a steep rocky cliff, and containes a radically open area without a railing above the incredible dizzying precipice with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Architect Alvaro Ramirez designed two sets of spaces that have no adjacent walls and separated from each other and from the sea with the wall consisting of a simple wooden frame with glazed apertures. In one group of premises there is a living room and in another there ara bedroom and bathroom.

Description from architects: House in Buchupureo

This small ocean view house on the rock is located in a remote tip of the south-central Chile, specifically in Buchupureo, VIII Bío Bío Region coast. The project develops way dialogue with its environment, either by the material used for space development, as well as by the way of implementation on the site. The house perches on a steep slope through piles, which lessen the project intervention on the ground.

This ocean view house on the rock develops 3 spatial areas that respond to the acts of the rest. A room with bathroom, a space that meets the room with the kitchen and a terrace in the middle as the articulator of both. All spaces seek panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. The terrace serves as hall space inhabitant, it is proposed as an intermediate space because it is located between two interior spaces, provides wind protection and allows to live in the expanse of the ocean.

The structure mostly is in sight giving the shape of the house. This was conceived with local wood (pinus radiata), it is how the partitions are made in radiata pine, which were treated differently based on their role. For the structure of pillars and beams and pieces of 4 "x6", 2 "x6" and 2 "x5" they were used. All were impregnated to give them protection against moisture. Linings for use pine was ¾ "x4" brushed without any treatment. Finally for a tongue and groove siding 1 "x4", which was painted with carbolineum.

Project of the ocean view house on the rock establishes a close relationship with the local architecture using wood and stone 'flagstone' as predominant materials. (Most of the fences in the area are built with stone walls and flagstone mud, as well as many older homes).

The roof structure is wood and worked as a plane that folds up slightly, which is clear from the structure of the walls letting a light to create a feeling of spaciousness. The flagstone was used to coat and protect the cover, turn it was thought as an element of both cultural adaptation (local architecture) as a natural (landscape elements).

Design Alvaro Ramirez, Clarisa Elton
Project Casa en Buchupureo (House in Buchupureo)
Location Buchupureo, Chile
Year 2006-2007
Photos Carlos Ferrer, Álvaro Ramírez, Clarisa Elton

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Ocean View House on the Rock